The idea of reinventing a bow tie was born during my pregnancy. I kept pondering what would be the most effective way to take a classic bow tie to the next level and make it more attractive and daring, but at the same time highly customizable and equally appealing to both men and women.

Thinking of these imaginative bow ties would make me get butterflies in my stomach – the same feeling I had when I first met my husband and when I found out I was pregnant. Mariposas (the Spanish word for butterflies) seemed like a perfect name for the brand.

M’s Mariposas is a family brand where each family member has a key role in creating the final product. Every bow tie is handmade and crafted from three parts – the front and the back are made of transparent Plexiglas, while the exchangeable insert is made of fabrics and is customizable in materials and patterns. Our bow ties come in three different styles and are one-size-fits-all. While men’s models are fitted with an adjustable strap, women’s come with an adjustable lightweight metal necklace.

Owner and designer
Milana Sadžakov